Video: Turn your Maturity Model into a Digital Differentiator

Learn How to Win New Clients and Speed Time to Value with a Digital Assessment Platform

In this video, find out:

  • How manual assessments are hurting your business

  • How to make your proprietary maturity model digital on a limited budget

  • How to promote your digital maturity assessment to win new business

2019-02-21 10.00 Turn your Maturity Model into a Digital Differentiator


Your maturity model assessment is a critical capability that creates the roadmap for your client engagements. How easily are you able to administer it? How quickly can you develop data-driven, actionable insights and recommendations? Does the assessment process help or hurt your business?

In this video, you will learn how to turn your maturity assessment into a digital differentiator that is easy to administer, accelerates your time to value, improves data-driven analysis, and saves you time. Learn how to apply the same digital approach that leading consulting organizations are leveraging with their clients.

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