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Digital Consulting

The consulting industry has not yet fully realized the benefits nor felt the disruption of digital transformation.

The ‘State of the Consulting Industry’ interview has revealed tangible takeaways for consultants including how digital transformation is defined, what changes are taking place in response, and the biggest hurdles to change.

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  • Client and Market Digitization - Firms are largely making surface-level changes in response to digital transformation. The largest changes being made do not involve crucial elements like capabilities, skills, or people.

  • Lack of Technology and Management Buy-In - The biggest inhibitors to embracing digital in consulting are management buy-in and lack of technology tools, yet there is strong agreement on the impact digital disruption will have in the market.

  • Storage of Client Data in Non-Secure Channels - Consultants are storing a surprising amount of data in non-secure work spaces like the company intranet and excel spreadsheets.

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